Date: 2006

Director: Rehad Desai

Producers: Rehad Desai, Anita Khanna, Zivia Desai Keiper, Hartmut Keiper

Broadcasters ZDF Germany, SABC South Africa, Ikon Holland, YLE Finland, RBTF Belgium, SBS TV Australia

Awards: Zanzibar International Film Festival Silver Dhow, Tanzania 2007, Amazonas Film Festival Jury Prize Best Documentary, Brazil 2007.

Bushman's Secret


Southern Africa’s plant and animal life has a global significance second only to the Amazon Rainforest. Locked within the region is a vast medicine cabinet of untapped resources. This has not gone unnoticed by the pharmaceutical giants whose bio-prospecting has led them into conflict with Southern Africa’s indigenous people, the San.

We tell the story of the rabid hunt for new drugs, the vast profits to be made and the marginalized traditional healers of the region in their last stand to heal the world before it destroys them and their practices forever.